Packaging Design + Kiosk Concept

‘Sakkare’ is derived from the Kannada word of the same pronounciation meaning sugar. It is a premium range of sweets and savouries crafted by Anand Sweets, a traditional Indian sweets & savouries brand in Bangalore, India with a legacy of over 30 years. Created specially for the Kempegowda Inter-national Airport in Bangalore, India with Anomaly Brands, this exclusive kiosk offers the finest from the Anand Sweets collec-tion. Sakkare is the new Royal Taste of India, paying tribute to our traditions. The range is housed in a special kiosk designed in collaboration with Azimetri Design at the Arrival Section of the airport.

Sakkare by Anand Sweets
Kempegowda International Airport
Bangalore, India 2018-2019

Credits : Anomaly Brands & Azimetri Design

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